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The S.I.M.P.L.E. Formula

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make things happen for themselves while others struggle, blaming procrastination for not getting it done???

   - If you would like to learn a structure and strategy for getting things done...

    - If you are curious what might be missing from what you are doing now... 

   - If you are are familiar with SMART Goals and the steps haven't worked for you, or perhaps never even heard of it

   - If you would like to learn an alternate system for outlining what steps are necessary to make things happen or 

   - If you are just ready to make things happen and need to know what's stopping you, slowing you down or standing in your way... 


In this workshop I will give you the framework, outline, strategy and structure necessary to make anything happen.

Download the Formula and PDF or sign up for one of the Group Workshops.  Options for one-on-one Sessions available as well.  

ps - this is NOT a SMART Goals training... 

        this is a SIMPLE FORMULA workshop

A video testimonial of what is possible with a "Simple Goal" ...

be sure to contact us to sign up for the next group workshop or schedule your own private session!

Formula & PDF

This option is great for those of you that a curious to learn  a new way for getting your projects done and perhaps aren't ready to talk to someone or feel shy in group settings.  

This option gives you a way to review the strategy and apply it on your own.  When you decide you need or want more guidance you can reach out to take part in one of the other options. 

Added bonus is the amount paid for the Download can be applied to the other service offerings.

Download $28.00

Workshop Sign Up

This is a small group setting, with only eight seats available for each workshop.  

I will share the formula, walk through the strategy steps and provide the "How to execute" for attendees to then apply on their own.  

One person will have the chance to work on their specific project, goal, or idea as a live walk though of how to apply the material provided and to demonstrate how it all comes together.  

Added bonus is the amount paid for the Workshop can be applied to the single session or multi-session call options.  

Reserve Seat


Private Session

This is a one-on-one session where I will share the formula with you and how to apply it to your specific project or the goal you have in mind to complete.  

It is a single session to get you started and pointed in the direction for making your project happen. 

If you decide you want to move into the multi-session calls or month long approach you may upgrade at any time.  

Add bonus is the mount paid for single session can be applied to the monthly package. 

Book Single Call


Monthly Package

This is for the person who is highly motivated and ready for action.  

They want to commit to making their projects happen and know they would benefit from having someone available to guide them through to completion, with the right amount of support, accountability and action steps specifically designed for their unique needs.  

We will meet every week for four weeks to create the exact plan needed to get your projected started and to keep you going! 

Added bonus... if you have attended one of the other services the amount paid can be applied to this option. 

Book Four Calls


Not sure which option is best for you?  

Let's jump on a FREE Project Planning Discovery Call to determine the best next step for you! 

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