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Ener~CHI Organizing Insights and Posts on Decluttering

Top 10 Tips for Decluttering the Mind

#1 - Tip for Decluttering the Mind

September 28, 2022

The easiest way to know what is most important is to look at what you're working on or doing. We are always doing what is most important! If something else were more important we would be doing that. (Makes total sense... right!)

There’s a limit to how much anyone can do in a day. The secret to getting more done is to do less, only work on one thing at a time, and prioritize. Decide what’s most important or set up timelines and start working from there.

Consider removing unnecessary activities from your schedule (or life).

This could be committees you serve on, sports teams you play on, or going out on Thursday nights.

Maybe you’re taking lessons but realize that you’re not enjoying it that much. Perhaps taking more courses absorbing more information, with more to do, and more to work out.

Cut the activities out that aren't moving you forward. This will clear the mind, giving you less to manage and the gift of more time...

What is one thing you can cut out???

#2 - Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

September 29, 2022

Write things down. Creating mental notes to yourself to do something at a later day or time requires a lot of mental resources. It’s always in the back of your mind, taking up part of your attention. Using a "list" can help free up the mental space giving greater clarity to what you are working on.

By writing it down, you’re free to eliminate it from your awareness. It’s right there on the paper where you can easily see it or refer to it when needed.

If it helps, instead of thinking of the list as something "To Do", think of it more as a "My Reminders" list. Jotting down things that are on your mind.

#3 - Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

September 30, 2022

You might just have too much going on.

a. Cut out activities that don’t add significantly to your life or your enjoyment. Clampdown on optional activities. It’s easy to become bogged down by things that may not 

b. Remove the challenging people from your life. There may be people that take up a lot of space in your brain and your time. Is this person or relationship one that supports you in return or is it time to go your separate ways? How do you feel about them? Is it time to let them go? Be willing to let go of the people that take more time and effort than they’re worth to you.

c. Limit your exposure to the news and social media. The news and social media will drive you crazy if you spend too much time consuming them. It's important to stay aware of what's happening in the world, but you don't have to bombard yourself with negative information day and night.

Look for people, places, and things that lift you up rather than drag you down. The more you are surrounded by the things you love, the clearer your mind will be because it takes less effort.

#4 - Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

October 03, 2022

Did you know your mind and inner peace are affected by your environment?

So, let's take a look at decluttering your space: 

This includes all your areas of your home, your workspace, and anywhere else you spend a significant amount of time.  When we clear the clutter from our physical space our inner (mental and emotional) space naturally follows.

What I would also like to share is that there is a difference between things being organized, tidy, and clean. In most cases doing any one of these three is a great way to shift the way our space feels and affects us. When we do all three we will have an even greater sense of clarity and are able to fully relax.

Have you ever noticed how nice it feels when your home has been freshly cleaned? Especially if it's a deep clean...

I invite you to pick a space to focus on clearing away the clutter and see how the power of decluttering your environment can help clear your mind. 

#5 ~ Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

October 04, 2022

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create a new habit? Some believe it can take 21 days. Some believe it can take 30 days or 90 days. While some may say it takes months, years, or forever.

The truth about creating a new habit is that it takes as long as it takes to do something different without having to remember to do it. When you can do something without having to remember or remind yourself to do it that is when it becomes a habit or a routine. It does take time and repetition but not forever.

Creating habits and setting up routines helps eliminate the need for making decisions and streamlines your thought process.

Just like we have a morning routine or habits around the things we do each day to get ready. Or evening routines and habits before going to bed. If you have habits around eating, exercising, going through your day at work. These habits and routines all lead to less clutter in the mind. Create daily and weekly habits that take care of your basic needs.

#6 ~ Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

October 05, 2022

Rest your mind each day. Reading, watching TV, or surfing the internet does not count as a rest. Meditation or sitting alone can be considered rest. Sit outside and enjoy nature. Stay focused on your surroundings and avoid allowing your mind to think about anything other than your surroundings.

Get enough sleep. Notice how cluttered your mind feels after a poor night of sleep. Experiment to determine the proper amount of sleep your mind and body need each night.

What things do you enjoy doing (or not doing) to rest your mind and your body? Share in the comments!

#7 ~ Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind

October 06, 2022

Make decisions quickly.

Decisions that are put off begin piling up in your mind and take up valuable space and resources.

Successful people tend to make decisions quickly and stick with them, knowing they can always make a new decision when or if needed.

Unless you need more information to make an informed decision, see if you can make a decision more quickly.

I've seen this recently in my own organizing process. I even started making a list of postponed decisions to get them out of my head. I don't have to think about them in the moment, and won't forget because I wrote them down. Now I can look at my reminders list to see what I need to make a decision on or what I'm ready to make a decision on.

I feel so much more organized, focused, and efficient.  

#8 ~ Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind!

October 07, 2022

Similar to the previous tip of making decisions quickly, this tip is about making fewer decisions.

The fewer decisions you have to make each day, the more inner peace you'll feel.

Some examples could be:

- limiting your wardrobe makes it easier to figure out what to wear each day.

- pick out your outfit for the following day before you go to bed giving yourself fewer decisions to make in the morning.

- eating the same thing for healthy meals and energizing snacks can reduce decisions

- creating homes for things and keeping them in one place consistently will eliminate having to think about it and making additional decisions.

Today I would like to invite you to look for ways to minimize the number of decisions you have to make.

What sort of things come to mind for you? Share in the comments what resonates for you.

#9 ~ Top Tips for Decluttering the Mind!

October 10, 2022

I recently realized the saying "people know what to do to be healthy, they just don't do it" may not be entirely accurate.

I believe we know we need to make healthy choices but knowing what the "right" choice for our particular body type or lifestyle is, is where the challenge comes in. (this is a topic for another day)

What I will share is my take on it.

(1) There are of course food choices. Consider things that are not processed. My favorite suggestion is if you're a chip person go for some Cape Code potato chips over Pringles! Start with small, simple, healthy replacements. This way you aren't cutting out what you love. You're choosing a healthier version of it...

(2) Exercise is another option. This is NOT about joining the gym and adding a rigorous routine to your life. This is about looking for ways to be more active. Even a simple walk, around the mall, around town, around the office, or just down the hall at home can go a long way toward clearing the mind. Be creative with movement and have fun with it.

(3) Mediation… something else we can reframe the meaning of and consider for clearing our mind. Sure, there are those who mediate in the traditional sense of the word, ohm mm posture, with legs folded in, palms up, fingers lightly touching together, or even various yoga positions.

However, meditation can also be, standing in a hot shower for 5-10 minutes, taking a bath, taking a walk, cleaning around the house or office. Basically, focusing on anything that requires little thought to complete. It’s more about quieting the mind rather than a deep revealing walk down an imaginary path.

What is important to know is that there is no one right way to practice health and wellness. We each need to decide for ourselves what it means to us to be healthy. What can we do to add a little more nutrition, movement, and mindfulness to our day and lives? These are all things that help to declutter the mind.​   

#10 ~ Tips for Decluttering the Mind!

October 11, 2022

If we are multi-tasking we're single-tasking! Use single-tasking as multi-tasking can lead to errors, poor performance, and lack of productivity. Studies have shown that it’s more effective to do one thing at a time. Complete it and then move on. You’ll stay fresher mentally and get more accomplished each day.

Limit yourself to one task at a time. You'll feel better and actually get more done. Try it for a day. Do one task at a time and focus all of your attention on that task. Notice how much better you feel while working and at the end of the day.

Some people have an internal approach to clearing away clutter.  If we clear the clutter from our mind, our space will naturally follow. (which can be very true!)

My approach is the opposite, if you clear your space, you will have a greater sense of what’s going on in your mind, so that it will naturally follow... clearing both the space and the mind.

However, since there is something to be said for either method, and many want to clear the clutter from their mind first, I created the Top 10 Tips for Decluttering the Mind offering insights I have seen working with my clients and experience for myself. 

What I shared isn't a checklist to be completed, it's thoughts and things to begin to incorporate into each day.

Then decide if it's something that serves you well or not so well. If the answer is, not so well, then each day see if you can do something to shift the clutter out of your mind.

I realize that while it sounds simple in nature some are not always that easy to do. (I’ve been there too, I get it! Many of these are things I've embodied over the years).

Knowing what we can do is the first step, the second step is the action we take...

This may also be where having an organizer or coach to guide you comes in handy. With each tip provided, I invite you to be curious about what resonates for you.  Want more expert guidance or support reach out and let me know. I'd love to jump on a call to see how I can support you! 

Top 10 Tips for Decluttering the Mind

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Top 10 Tips for Decluttering the Mind