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Organize Your Business with 

The Boxes of Business ~ How to Think Inside the Box...

The Boxes of Business is a method for identifying the widely overlooked areas for building a business. This Mini-masterclass series provides you with the foundational and fundamental pieces to organize the needs of running a successful business. 

A successful business needs to be structured so that:

  • it is priced for profit (there is a strategy for this!) 
  • it pays YOU and fits into YOUR life! (not vice versa).
  • it knows what its standard operational process & procedures are.
  • it has cash flow and properly budgeting for expenses.
  • it effectively & efficiently allows you to serve your ideal client. 

Mini-masterclass Series & 90 Day Challenge:

  •  all 12 of the boxes and/or categories of your business so you know exactly what they are
  • the 3 supporting "contents" of each box and/or categories so you know what to further look into or work on
  • some brief insight on what makes these categories important to understand so you know how to structure your time. 
If you feel like you're managing a hobby and you would rather be running a business, this is the place to start... 

More on the approach in this video...

Business Strategies with Ener-CHI Organizing 

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