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Hello & Welcome to:

Helping Overwhelmed Professional Turn Cluttered Messes 

Into Magic Spaces

If you are fed up with seeing clutter in your space and not having your space look or feel the way you want it to, 

Ener-CHI Organizing may just be the answer you didn't know you were seeking...

Offering a blend of Professional Organizing, Interior Design, and Life Coaching 

Gayle helps you clear away the clutter from your space! and your life! 

Together let's create a space that 

Inspires, Motivates, and Empowers your Success!

Our physical space, 

 - the way it feels, 

 - the way it functions, and 

- the way it flows 

can affect not only our overall health and wellness but also our sense of clarity, confidence, and happiness.

Ener-CHI Organizing is a method that guides their clients through a unique process that helps them see their space in a way they may not have before...

Guiding you to Awaken the Mind, Body, Spirit, 

& Space Connection...

Our Services

Office Organizing

- Home Office

- Corporate Office

- Reception Area

- Supply Room

Home Organizing 

- Garage

- Attic

- Basement

- Bedrooms (of all ages)

Design & Staging

- Visual Merchandising

- Home Office

- Living Space

- Staging Home for Sale

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

Services are available remotely or in-person 

with package options that range from:

Doing It For You

- Our team of 2 dives right into working on organizing your space. 

- For those who just want the clutter gone and their space organized for them to go through later (or not at all).

- A team of two can come in a do all the work and heavy lifting for you.

- Ideal for storage areas, multipurpose rooms, closets, and more.

Doing It With You

- Working through the space together to organize, right-size, and re-personalize...

- For those who want to clear the clutter and to be a part of the process so they can create habits and systems. 

- Gayle will work side-by-side with you to guide you through the process

- Ideal for Home Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, and more.  

Walking You Through It 

- Coaching calls to guide you through the organizing process. 

- For those who want to clear the clutter and want or need greater focus with specific tasks or items to complete on their own.

- Gayle offers remote working calls to provide action and accountability.

- Ideal for any room or area you wish to work on.

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

Philosophy - How the Space Feels...

We believe that how our physical space is set up and how it makes us feel when we are in it, as well as how it makes us feel about ourselves, is paramount to how well we show up for ourselves in all other areas of our life, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  What we offer is not about having things perfectly in place, it is about being at peace with what you choose to keep in your life and how you choose to live.  

Approach - Guiding You Through the Journey...

We have an outside-in or reverse psychology approach.  Most people think, if they clear their mind of clutter, their space will follow. While that may be true for some, we believe and have found that when you organize and clear the clutter from your physical space first, your mind will naturally follow.  We created the C.A.L.M. approach for clearing away what may no longer belong, assessing what stays and what goes, limiting what remains to the essentials, and providing systems and solutions for maintaining lasting transformation. 

Strategy - Essence Of... 

We bring you strategies that offer a blend of organizing, coaching, and design, with elements of Feng Shui and a minimalist mindset for helping you to pare down to what is most important for you and to right-size in a way that best suits you.  Together we look at ways to guide you without depriving you of what makes you feel good about yourself or of what makes your space functional, practical, and complete.

How to know if working together is the right fit...

Why Choose Ener-CHI Organizing?

  • Right-size with ease to downsize and minimize in a way that is right for YOU!

  • Unclutter your space, your life, and your business to simplify your life by creating homes for the things you want to keep and peace of mind in letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Save time looking for things by clearing away the excess, giving you more time to focus on the things you really love.
  • Maximize the use of your space by seeing it in ways you may not have thought of before.
  • How to turn an overwhelming and unmanageable space into a place where inspiration and creativity will thrive.
  • Receive tangible exterior results along with internal mindset transformation and habit change.
  • Create a visual and an emotional sanctuary where you will feel calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

One simple way to move forward...

FREE 45-minute Cluttered Mess Into Magic Breakthrough Call:

  • This allows us to discuss your specific organizing and/or design project needs.
  • Gain clarity on what you want to experience and have in your space, and what is important about that.
  • Get to know a little more about each other and share what working together could look like
  • Determine the best next steps to get your project underway
  • Create a game plan together to guide you in moving forward. 

We'll get you started, move you forward, and keep you going!

Continue your journey by scheduling your call today!  

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

Before you go... 

be sure to let us know where we can send your free gift!

#1: Defining Clutter (Video & PDF)

  1. What Clutter Really Is, (it's not what you think!)
  2. Top 5 Causes Clutter Accumulates, 
  3. Top 5 Reasons Clutter Hangs Around, and 
  4. What you can do to clear the clutter!