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What Is "Clutter"?

The simplest way to think about CLUTTER is... 

Clutter is ANYTHING accumulating 

where you don't want it!  

It can be things you're not so in love with, 

it can even be things you love, 

(you just don't love where they are in your space).  

It can be thoughts, habits or patterns, and holding on to things that no longer serve us.

Another way to think about clutter...   

Clutter is a physical manifestation of internal struggle... 

(more on this in the intro video above)

Top 5 Contributors for Clutter to Accumulate

          #1 Taking On Too Much
          #2 Postponed or Unmade Decisions
          #3 Time Management
          #4 Prioritizing
          #5 Get To It Later

video tutorials for these topics 

available in our DIY Download version

Top 5 Reasons Clutter Hangs Around

              #1 Feeling Overwhelmed
              #2 Not Having A System
              #3 Creating Habits
              #4 Unsure of What To Do With Things
              #5 Having To Have "It" Figured Out

video tutorials for these topivs

available in our DIY Download version

Many people experience feelings of embarrassment, shame, or guilt as a result of what their space looks like.  

This is where working together we can help you with what the needs of your space are.


Ener-CHI Organizing offers individualized organizing, coaching, and/or design solutions 

with services to pinpoint EXACTLY what our client's needs are.

This allows us to guide you along your wayclearing away the clutter, with manageable, bite-sized steps, 

for getting you started and keeping you going, in a way that works best for you!

Are you ready to let go of the clutter? 

Visit the "Let's Get Started" page to schedule with us today and to see what is possible!   

Let's Get Started