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Design & Staging 

Is your space a blank slate or are you looking to freshen up and simplify your personal or professional space? 

We'd love to help you right-size, re-personalize, and design a space you love to live or work in

We also know moving is stressful

Plus, who really wants to take everything, they don't need, with them to go through "later"?... 

Organizing and Staging will increase your home's value

help you right-size your life to take only what really needs to go with you, before you go, 

and maintain your sanity in the process? (It's also tax-deductible!)

Whether you're looking at staging to move or staging to stay and what to "merchandise" your space, 

our services can guide you in making it all happen!

I'm Ready! What's Next?

Organizing & Design 

"We Walk You Through It" Project Before / After

Staging to Sell or Staging to Stay

Project Before / After

My first love for the work that I do came from being a visual merchandiser, as well as a design consultant for two major furniture retailers.  I have also worked for various apparel and home accessory retailers over the years bringing more experience and expertise to my clients.  


Some people may want to stage their house to sell and some want to stage their house to stay.  They want simple and functional, yet practical so they can enjoy the space live in and love it!    

  • Home Staging (for those who are staying in their home during the selling process or those just looking to simplify their space)
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Interior Decorating

I want this in my space! Let's set up a call to move forward

Often times the hardest part of organizing is deciding or knowing where to start.

If you are overwhelmed with where to begin the organizing journey, let us help you get started! 

Help Me Get Started