Organizing Your Space & Simplifying Your Life

The D.I.Y. Version...

When you are ready to take on being more organized, in your space, and even in your life there are 6 steps to look at.  

My initial suggestion would, of course, be to reach out to a professional organizer and/or life coach (such as myself) to provide you with expert guidance, action, and accountability. This would shorten the learning curve and the length of time it takes for figuring things out on your own. 

However, if you did want to tackle it on your own I have created some tips, tricks, and tutorials to get you started. 

The first thing to review is what is taking place in your physical space, be it your personal space or your professional space.

It’s important to define what the clutter is, what the contributors to it accumulating are, and the reasons it hangs around. This covers the first three steps.

I’ve created some video tutorials on these for you to access here.

Step 1: Defining Clutter

Step 2: Top 5 Contributors to Clutter Accumulating

Step 3: Top 5 Reasons Clutter Hangs Around

The next step is to look at what your organizing style is. 

  • Do you like or need to have things out where you can see them? 
  • Do you like or need to have things tucked out of sight? 
  • Are you a collector or more of a minimalist?

I’ve created some video tutorials on this for you to access here

Step 4: Top 5 Organizing Styles

Once you have taken the first few steps of defying the clutter, its contributors, the reason for it being there, and how you like to organize, we can then implement the calm approach for guiding you to work through your space. We begin by clearing it out, assessing what belongs and what goes, limiting what stays, and creating habits for maintaining it.

I’ve created a video tutorial on this for you to access here

Step 5: The C.A.L.M. Approach

The final piece to consider as you are working through all these steps is to take a look at what is happening in your space from a design or decorative and flow or movement perspective. 

I've created a few video tutorials on this for you to access here.

Step 6: What is Happening in Your Space ~ Top 5 Things to Consider

There are of course some bonus things to look at and to consider the ugly truths about Helpful things I’ve learned along the way. These were designed to uncover more of what may be running through someone’s mind when it comes to creating order and establishing balance. They are not to discourage anyone more so to motivate them with knowing what they may be up against.

I’ve created some videos on this for you to access here.

In Closing... 

The real question everyone wants to know is “ how long will it take?”. 

And the answer is “it depends on how motivated you are and how much you want the freedom that is on the other side”.

The journey to organizing life is just that. It’s a journey! It’s a constant ebb and flow of having things in place and having things out of place. Cycling through the phases of our life and shifting with the seasons.

We can all be organized if we choose to follow our own natural sense of order. When we slow ourselves down enough to listen to what our space wants, what our needs are, and what habits we can implement to be at peace with what we chose to keep in our life and how we chose to live anything is possible.

If clutter is robbing you of confidence, clarity, and happiness, and you are ready to dive into living a more organized life let’s jump on a call to share in ways that together we can guide you forward to clear the clutter from your space and simplify your life.

We know how overwhelming and daunting this can feel so instead of avoiding it any longer, let's jump on a call to get you started and set up to keep you going... You/We Got This! 

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