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Gayle's life was completely turned upside down in 2006. She was going through several major life changes all at once, losing a 5-year career, going through a separation, which led to divorce, and having to move out of the place she had called home for seven years. 

Now with no job, no income, and no place to live, not to mention all the years of “baggage” she carried with her Gayle felt like her life was a giant train wreck. 

Quickly seeing it was time for a different kind of "major" life change, she knew she wanted to get her life back on track. To get serious about who she was and what she really wanted! Gayle decided she was ready to clear out ALL the clutter… in her space, in her head, and in her life! Feeling as though she had nowhere to turn and nowhere to go, she would choose to look inside herself to begin a true journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Finally healing, letting go of what no longer served her, and living an organized life!

As she started to get her life back on track, those who saw her transformation would ask her about what she was doing. She shared her method, what she called the “Train-wreck Technique”. People could really resonate and started asking if she would help them in moving forward with clearing the clutter from their lives too. This desire to help others let go and live without clutter inspired her to launch her business several years later.

In 2015, realizing her love and gift of spatial acuity, along with her personal journey and her design experience working for Crate & Barrel, and Bassett Furniture she was inspired to create Ener~CHI Organizing. She blended her passion for organizing, coaching, and design giving her clients a unique outside-in approach to decluttering that awakens the mind, body, spirit, and space connection. 

Gayle now works with heart-centered professionals, guiding them on a journey to organizing their space, and helping them set it up in a way that inspires, motivates, and empowers their success, in business and in life.

Today when she is not at home with her family or visiting loved ones, you will find her helping her clients discover and let go of what no longer serves them.

My Big W.H.Y.​

In this series, I share more on my big WHY 

with some personal stories of struggle, and more on...

  • WHAT is it that I do, 
  • HOW it came to be, and the 
  • YEARNING to offer it as a way to guide others on their journey.

#1: Space Utilization

How our space is set up, how it functions, how it feels, and how it flows, are the biggest factors in recognizing the impact our space has on our daily life.

In this video, I share a little story on how I knew this was (part of) my calling and that I would someday be doing exactly what I am doing now.

#2: Organizing

Sharing my philosophy that organizing isn’t about having things perfectly in place. It's about being at peace with what we choose to keep in our life and how we choose to live. It’s a journey and a process that takes time as well as patience.

In this video, I share my own personal discovery and journey on organizing my space and my life. It was not easy however it was certainly worth it! This also led to what I’ll be sharing in the next video on incorporating coaching so that I could truly guide others.  

#3: Transformational​ Coaching

Coaching is about guidance and helping someone get from where they are in life to where there want to go. Even more so, forward-thinking in getting unstuck or letting go of the things that hold them back from having the life they truly want. Facing obstacles and limiting beliefs that can derail us.

In this video, I share how organizing and coaching go hand-in-hand and a personal family tragedy that created an even greater yearning for me to become a masterful transformational life coach.

#4: Interior Design / Staging

My first true love! Decorating space, defining space, merchandising. I can’t even count how many times I would rearrange my room in high school, college, and all the places I lived in between.

In this video, I share more about my passion for design, the career experiences I have had, and what I am doing with it all now.   

​#5: Heat-Centered Businesses

I curated the best of the best of what I learned in creating the framework for setting up my business in order to help other heart-centered professionals establish the foundational and fundamental components for organizing the needs of their businesses.

In this video, I share more about what this means and what this looks like for others.  I have also co-authored of two publications for Entrepreneurs. Information on both of these books can be found on the Wisdom & Workshop page.

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