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Insights & Wisdom... 

The CALM Approach

When I first began doing 

Home Organizing this was 

a method I created for helping people reset their space.  A way for quickly moving through what stays and what goes. 

There is of course many layers to this, think of it as a starting point.  When you get stuck or 

if you are already feeling stuck, reach out and let us guide you 

on your way.  

Curious to learn more about 

how we can help you?  

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Jump Start Strategy Call

The Closet Purge

In this video I record the day I emptied my closet (at least my half of it) right down to bare bones! 

Join me as I share the unedited version of what I was thinking and what I was doing as I worked through all my clothes. 

If you want to make drastic changes, sometimes you have to take drastic action. 

PS: I still have to do the update.  Its been months (okay a full year) since I recorded this!!! Always a work in progress... 


Curious to learn more about 

how we can help you? 

Schedule a FREE 

Jump Start Strategy Call

The Ugly Truth

As I was launching my business for the second (okay 3rd) time, I was inspired to put together this series about the Ugly Truth to Organizing Life.  

Having worked with people for over 10 years, plus my own journey, I learned so much about what organizing was and wasn't.  

In this 5 Part Series I share some of the things I have uncovered along the way. 

Watch part 1 below.... curious about the rest? contact us and we'd be happy to share Parts 2-5...

Part 1 -

Organizing Isn't the Answer