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Philosophy - How the Space Feels...

We believe that how our physical space is set up and how it makes us feel when we are in it, as well as how it makes us feel about ourselves, is paramount to how well we show up for ourselves in all other areas of our life, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  What we offer is not about having things perfectly in place, it is about being at peace with what you choose to keep in your life and how you choose to live.  

Approach - Guiding You Through the Journey...

We have an outside-in or reverse psychology approach.  Most people think, if they clear their mind of clutter, their space will follow. While that may be true for some, we believe and have found that when you organize and clear the clutter from your physical space first, your mind will naturally follow.  We created the C.A.L.M. approach for clearing away what may no longer belong, assessing what stays and what goes, limiting what remains to the essentials, and providing systems and solutions for maintaining lasting transformation. 

Strategy - Essence Of... 

We bring you strategies that offer a blend of organizing, coaching, and design, with elements of Feng Shui and a minimalist mindset for helping you to pare down to what is most important for you and to right-size in a way that best suits you.  Together we look at ways to guide you without depriving you of what makes you feel good about yourself or of what makes your space functional, practical, and complete.

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