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What Phase of Space Transformation Are You In?

Phase 1 - Preliminary Phase

- coming up with the strategy and goal

Phase 2 - Organizing 

- clearing away the clutter, paring down to what will remain in the space, and creating homes for things.

Phase 3 - Designing 

- look at furniture, decor, and color scheme.   

Phase 4 - Inner Space 

- nonphysical areas, the habits, and routines set to keep up with the order once it's established    

Are you ready to love the space you live and work in...

Offering a blend of Organizing & Interior Design along with a touch of Personal Coaching 

Gayle helps you clear away the clutter from your space and your mind

PHASE 1 - Preliminary 

The strategy and goal. The game plan for what you want most to experience in your space and how to make it happen. Do you want to do it on your own? Or do you want guidance, support, and help? We can provide you with both options. This is where we “organize your brain” around your project needs.

PHASE 2 - Organizing

If your space is cluttered before you take any other steps the first thing to do would be to pare down what’s in the space. That could mean a few different things that we would talk about for those in this phase. Once we look at what’s in the space we then look at creating homes for what’s going to be staying in the space.

PHASE 3 - Designing

Once the space is organized, we look at whether or not you love the way it feels. The furniture items, placement of furniture, even esthetics, and decorative accessories. Some people already have an organized space so they’ve completed phase 2 and need a strategy for phase 3. Working with a designer or someone that can help with all the décor aspects of their space. (Yes, I do this too!)

Some people only want or have the budget for phases 1 and 2 or that was all they were looking to accomplish so now their project is done. Some will do both phases 2 & 3. Hopefully, you get it. You get to pick which phase and how much support you want.

PHASE 4 - Inner Space Organizing

For people who are tired of the clutter returning time and time again. They not only want a beautiful space that is well organized they want to create habits to keep up with it so they start to work on the non-physical space. How they manage their time, how they take care of themselves, seeking greater success in other areas of their life. This is the “Organizing Life Coaching” that I offer.

So you see… whether it's organizing, design, or coaching,… we (aka me, myself, and I) can work through any level or phase with you.

This is not an attempt to work with all people on all things. This is a very specific individual. We only work with people who are ready.

There is a difference between WANTING something to change and BEING READY to make the change happen. Just because we can do something by ourselves doesn’t mean we have to do it alone.

Plus, there can be and is SO MUCH MORE to our space than simply what goes where.

For those who are curious, I invite you to share with me… What phase are you in?

If you are in one of these phases with your space and are ready (or even think you’re ready) let’s have a quick call to see how the magic of what we do can create new magic for you!!!

One simple way to move forward...

Let's begin with a FREE 45-minute Initial Conversation starter call:

  • This allows us to discuss your specific organizing and/or design project needs.
  • Gain clarity on what you want to experience and have in your space, and what is important about that.
  • Get to know a little more about each other and share what working together could look like
  • Determine the best next steps to get your project underway
  • Create a game plan together to guide you in moving forward. 

We'll get you started, move you forward, and keep you going!

Continue your journey by scheduling your call today!  

schedule my 45-minute Initial Clarity Call