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Workspace & Office 

In-person Projects Before / After

I love working with highly motivated, heart-centered professionals, who are ready to love the space they work and/or live in.  Especially new entrepreneurs 1-3 years in business because I get it! I've been where they are, having to learn all there is to know and implement while building a business. Plus staying motivated.  

One of the most important components of maintaining focus is how our workspace is set up.  Having it be well organized, with systems and processes in place for keeping up with the daily demands of working on and in our business. 


From organizing your office and setting up your workspace, to helping you organize the needs of building a business with the foundational and fundamental aspects, I am here to help get you started and keep you going! 

  • Organizing Workspace
  • Office Set-Up
  • Business Basics Framework & Fundamentals

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Storage Areas

In-person Projects Before / After

Bedrooms & Closets

In-person Projects Before / After

The number one thing my clients love about working together is the outcome and seeing what is truly possible for their space and for their life.  In the first session, they are blown away by how their space is transformed and how the ripple effect of peace begins to carry over into other areas of their life. 

  • Storage Area (Attic / Basement / Garage)
  • Closets (adult / children / linen / utility)​
  • Bedrooms (all ages)
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens & Pantry
  • Living Rooms

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Interior Design 

Remote Project Before / After

Staging to Sell or Staging to Stay

In-person Project Before / After

My first love for the work that I do came from being a visual merchandiser, as well as a design consultant for two major furniture retailers.  I have also worked for various apparel and home accessory retailers over the years bringing more experience and expertise to my clients.  


Some people may want to stage their house to sell and some want to stage their house to stay.  They want simple and functional, yet practical so they can enjoy the space live in and love it!    

  • Home Staging (for those who are staying in their home during the selling process or those just looking to simplify their space)
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Interior Decorating

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