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Wisdom & Workshops... 

A S.I.M.P.L.E. Formula for Success

Project Strategy Workshop

In this workshop, Gayle provides you with a 12-step signature system that walks you through how to create and achieve your goals.  This is no ordinary training.!  

When you complete this workshop you will know exactly what steps to take, what may be standing in your way, and what to focus on to overcome what may be holding you back.

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Want more top organizing tips...

Gayle shares more organizing insights with her daily post and entries on... 

Top Tips for Decluttering Your Mind


Top Tips for Organizing Your Life A Little Each Day

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Co-Author Publications:

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business

A collaboration of 25 personal stories and business strategies for guiding you to create your soul-aligned business.

Each author provides their struggles and the steps they used to rise above the noise.   

Gayle shares her personal story of decluttering her own life and the truths about organizing she has learned along the way.  

This is a must-have and must-read book!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business

Becoming An Unstoppable Women ~ Entrepreneur

A collaboration of 25 powerhouse women sharing their stories of triumph and the challenges they faced in creating their businesses.  

Whether you are already up and running or looking to get started this anthology is sure to provide additional support and strategies to keep you going.

Gayle shares her personal story of when her life was a train wreck, how she took back control of her life, and discovered it is actually okay to quit!  

This is a must-have and must-read book!

Becoming An Unstoppable Women Entrepreneur