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​Gayle Gunn is an Organizational Strategist 

providing services and solutions for organizing the Home, Office or Self. 

She works with her clients to inspire, motivate and empower them 

to simplify the areas of life that cause disorganization and stress. 

She specializes in space utilization, simplicity coaching and strategic advising 

to bring you a fusion of organizing, coaching and design. 

Her technique allows you to pair down to what is most important, 

without depriving a space of what makes it functional 

or of what makes you feel good about yourself. 

Her services are offered to both residential and business clients. 

To begin creating order and establishing balance within your Home, Office, or Self 

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                   "Absorb what is useful...

                                            Discard what is not...

                                                       Add what is uniquely your own..."

~ Bruce Lee