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Hello & Welcome to:

Business Organizing Solutions for the Overwhelmed Heart-Centered Small Business Owner.

🧩 eliminate overwhelm,

🧩 save time,

🧩 save money,

🧩 allow you to have the freedoms you desire, and

🧩 give you peace of mind

Gayle believes that creating a system, having a process, and setting up the procedure for operating your business are the keys to success. Along with an exceptional client experience, excellent customer service, a dynamic team of people, and being organized.  All of which are about having things in order.  "It's getting the little (or not so little) things in order that make the bigger things possible!"

Gayle has a unique way of adding a small business spin, from her corporate-level career experience, bringing order and structure to the highly motivated, heart-centered professional, freeing them from the overwhelm of running a business.

She is the creator of Ener~CHI Organizing, offering a blend of organizing, coaching, and design for those looking to clear the clutter from their space, their business, and their life.

Gayle will cleverly guide you to awaken the mind, body, spirit, and space connection with an outside-in approach for:

🧩 Organizing your space to help you clear the physical clutter

🧩 Coaching to help you let go of what no longer serves you to clear the mental or emotional clutter,

🧩 Design to help you create a space, a business, and a life you love to live.

With in-person and remote options for working together, you can begin today! 

Together you will:

🧩 uncover what your unique organizing strategy needs are,

🧩 discover what might be stopping you from achieving what you want most in your business, in your space, and in your life along with

🧩 identify the best next steps to move you forward.

Let’s get you started today with a Free “Turn A Mess Into Magic Breakthrough Call” Consultation.

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

Workspace & Office Set Up 

Yes, physical clutter in your workspace can prevent you from being successful! We can help you set up ways for being more effective and efficient. 

Creating a sacred space for operating your business to increase productivity, improve workflow, and raise your overall business bottom lineincluding behind the scene business structure and strategy needs.


It all relates to how well your space is organized...

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

I love working with highly motivated, heart-centered professionals, who are ready to love the space they work in, looking for strategic systems, and setting up their office in a way that works for how they operate in it.  

One of the most important components of maintaining focus is how our workspace is set up.  Having it be well organized, with systems and processes in place for keeping up with the daily demands of working on and in our business. 


From organizing your office and setting up your workspace, to helping you organize the needs of building a business with the foundational and fundamental aspects, 

  • Organizing Workspace
  • Office Process Set-Up / Rework of Current Procedures
  • Business Basics Framework & Fundamentals
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Refresh & Reinvent Your Office

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

How to know if working together is the right fit...

Why Choose Ener-CHI Organizing?

  • Right-size with ease to downsize and minimize in a way that is right for YOU!

  • Unclutter your space, your life, and your business to simplify your life by creating homes for the things you want to keep and peace of mind in letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Save time looking for things by clearing away the excess, giving you more time to focus on the things you really love.
  • Maximize the use of your space by seeing it in ways you may not have thought of before.
  • How to turn an overwhelming and unmanageable space into a place where inspiration and creativity will thrive.
  • Receive tangible exterior results along with internal mindset transformation and habit change.
  • Create a visual and an emotional sanctuary where you will feel calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

One simple way to move forward...

FREE 45-minute Cluttered Mess Into Magic Breakthrough Call:

  • This allows us to discuss your specific organizing and/or design project needs.
  • Gain clarity on what you want to experience and have in your space, and what is important about that.
  • Get to know a little more about each other and share what working together could look like
  • Determine the best next steps to get your project underway
  • Create a game plan together to guide you in moving forward. 

We'll get you started, move you forward, and keep you going!

Continue your journey by scheduling your call today!  

schedule my Mess to Magic Breakthrough Call today!

Need help getting started or have additional questions...

Let me know below and I'd be happy to get in touch with you!

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